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My name is Mark Smith and I have been fishing Lake Oconee for over 30 years. I have been striper fishing almost exclusively for the past 10 years. Every day on the water I learn something new about catching these beautiful fish. Stripers grow fast and they grow big. Their cousins the hybrid bass are also found in Lake Oconee, and they are some of the strongest fish that swim in fresh water. Lake Oconee is a fun lake to fish and the stripers are growing bigger every day. It would be my pleasure to take you and your party out for a day of fishing on beautiful Lake Oconee. Give me a call and letís go fishing.


The seasons of Lake Oconee

Spring- Spring is a great time to be on the water. The weather is worming up and the fish are hungry and getting ready for their spawning run. April is probably the best month for catching the trophy fish as they move into shallow water looking for food. Do not over look March and May as they can be just as good as April.


Summer- Summer is the most challenging time on Lake Oconee. With that benign said I have had some of my best day on the lake in July. So if its summer fishing that you like give Lake Oconee a try.


Fall- Fall is a very good time to go fishing. As the fall colors are coming out and the fishing is great. Big schools of Striper and Hybrids travel the lake looking for food. It is a great time to enjoy the low humidity and good fishing.


Winter- Winter is the time of year when I look to the skies for direction. Why look to the skies when the fish are in the water? Well I am looking for the sea gulls. Thatís right sea gulls. The sea gulls will tell me where the bait is and where the stripers are. So if you are willing to put on your heavy coat and gloves the fishing is real good under the birds.




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